The landscape of the sports industry, particularly college athletics, is changing at a rate that we have never seen before. With the introduction of name, image and likeness to the collegiate space, the opportunities for student-athletes to capitalize on their brand while developing and growing viable businesses are vast and limitless. With these opportunities, come a need for true business structure, strategy and a measured approach to marketing. U-Sports Group's Brand Management Division was created to provide innovative marketing and management tools that help student-athletes develop and grow their brand in an authentic way while staying organized, profitable and compliant.

Why U-Sports Group?

U-Sports Group has expanded its reach in the sports industry to provide value and services across multiple sports platforms. With the introduction of its Brand Management Division, USG not only provides strategic marketing solutions for collegiate athletes as they navigate the unchartered waters of NIL, but also services for professional athletes as they strive to leverage their athletic ability and notoriety to build a portfolio of business assets and endorsement opportunities. From brand building and community initiatives to social media management and securing marketing partnerships, U-Sports Group provides the expertise and support that our athletes need to grow their fanbase and expand their global influence.

U-Sports Group also provides integrated media services that help develop and deliver thoughtfully crafted content, allowing our athletes to tell their stories and inspire others. USG's knowledge and experience combined with a diverse network and relationships across the sports landscape help our athletes to capitalize on their athletic success and create off-court business opportunities.

Services & Deliverables
  • Develop Business Foundation
  • Set Marketing Strategy
  • Assess & Manage Social Platforms
  • Create Authentic Branding Content
  • Explore Marketing Opportunities
  • Develop Revenue Vehicles
  • Coordinate Community Initiatives
  • Contracts & Compliance